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Our tailored Invoice Finance Solutions free up 95% of the invoice value to you within 24 hours.
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Invoice Finance with Scottish Pacific

Our dedicated team of finance specialists offer you tailored and personalised solutions. Not only helping with your cash flow needs, but offering assistance wherever else possible to ensure the best outcome for your business.
Our solutions help businesses of any stage, from start up to established, growth periods to getting back on your feet. If you issue invoices for sales purposes, we can develop a solution to your needs.

Quick & Easy

Once approved, using your Invoice Finance facility is as simple as:


Send your sales invoices to your clients as you would normally and upload them to us via the online Client Login.


Receive up to 95% of the of the value of the invoices within 24 hours.


Receive the remainder of the owing funds once your clients have paid, less a fee.

A Few Client Perspectives

Only The Best For You & Your Business

Price Matters

As a secured facility against your invoices, we are able to offer lower rates than most unsecured business loans, overdrafts or credit cards and don’t require any property security.

Leader in Australia

As Australia’s largest non-bank SME lender with over 30 years’ experience, more Australian SMEs choose Scottish Pacific for working capital solutions than any other lender.

Lets leave property out of it…

Your company benefits by having ready access to cashflow backed by your own invoiced ledgers. No property required as security, which means the family homes keeps out of the business.

Personalised Solutions

Personalised and tailored solutions to suit your business needs – from a one off funding solution to short and long term facilities, helping start ups to established businesses.

Global Team, Local Help

Local offices across Australia, offering personalised service, with access to NZ and China offices for any expansion or trade needs.

Who Can We Help?

How much can I access?

Use our calculator to see how much business cash you could access using the invoices you are waiting for payment on.

Enter the amount of money you are currently owed by your customers.


You could raise up to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An Australian business with an ABN.
  • Businesses selling to other businesses.
  • Businesses whose sales invoices take longer than 15 days for payment.
  • Businesses in need of funding for cash flow or growth.

Approval can take as little as 24hrs from providing the required information.
You can speed up this process by gaining a pre-approval using our online tool.

  • Invoices raised to other businesses on standard trade credit terms can be considered for funding. Invoices to private individuals are not suitable.
  • Invoices older than 90 days cannot be funded.
  • Invoices must relate to goods delivered and/or services fully completed. Milestone invoices and progress claims are not suitable.

Yes. At Scottish Pacific we understand that businesses experience ‘speedbumps’ along the way but we’re experts at finding ways to help and we say ‘yes’ more often. Give us a call to see if we can fulfil your needs.

It’s your choice. You can provide all invoices or just a few selected ones. Partnering with the market leader in Australia and New Zealand provides you with more flexibility.

Funding can be as quick as 24hrs, so you can reinvest in your business quicker and grow your profits further.

Whether your business is in manufacturing or wholesale, labour hire or transport, profitable or needing a boost, so long as you raise invoices to clients on credit terms we are likely to be able to help.

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